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"This is just to say thank you so much - your book arrived yesterday, and it's amazing! It will be a huge help in developing the programme here, and is something the staff can continue to use after I leave." M.W. Special Educator

"FISH has been a lifesaver to me. Before I started to use it my data was everywhere, I didn't know what to teach my students, or even where to start. I was trying lessons so much that I never got anything accomplished. Now, after spending a small amount of time with the students' caregivers I know exactly which life skills I should be working on. My data is organized, my lessons are organized and the task analysis is right in front of me and my assistants. The results are easy to see and it doesn't take mounds of paper work. FISH will always have a place in my classroom." - A.W. Special Education Teacher

"I came across your handbook at one of my internships at an outpatient pediatric facility and was quite impressed with its contents."- A.D. Occupational Therapist

"On behalf of those of us preparing students to be Special Educators, I would like to thank you for offering us a resource that is a "keeper"! Too often, the college classrooms offer teacher candidates little more than information on the etiology of disabilities. How valuable is that once in the classroom?! Our future teachers need intervention strategies, lesson plans for functional activities, and realistic criterion assessments. Thanks to The FISH Scales, I feel that I can, truly, prepare teacher candidates to TEACH mentally challenged populations. Prior to finding this resource, I just didn't believe that I was giving college education majors anything they could, literally, take with them! Now, however, each student graduates with a diploma, an understanding of the disabled populations AND, most importantly, the foundation of a teaching strategy--The FISH Scales! Forgive the fishing analogy--but the resource is a "keeper." " - S. B. Associate Professor of Special Education

"A couple of staff have reviewed the curriculum ... They have compared the FISH to what they are currently using, and they really like the speech section." - P.W. Parent of child with disabilities

"I like it a lot and can tell that it (will) be very useful in assessing & teaching functional skills"- E.P. Dean of Graduate studies, Special Education

"Finally, I can objectively demonstrate that our programs are doing something positive for our students. Teachers, parents and even the "money people" seem to like this aspect."- A. F. Administrator of School Program

"I have found this resource to be the best standard for the evaluation of our campers. I even use parts of it for the camper's parents to fill out on their application. From there I can give each of the counselors skill specific lessons to build into the weekend which makes all of our programs tailor made for each camper. THANK YOU FISH SCALES! "- P.F. President Caglewood (camp for people with developmental disabilities)

"It's refreshing to see something very useful. I think it has something practical to offer those who deal with clients who need to be taught functional living skills. My focus (is) on teaching functional living and community skills so that perhaps they can be seen as people who can learn and be taught to help themselves. It's exactly what you want in the classroom, but really don't have the time to write it all out for yourself, even though you know what needs to be taught."- J.N. Special Education Consultant


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